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Google-owned Keyboard App Gboard(aka Google keyboard) for Android is one of the best apps. Gboard power-packed with many features, it has made the typing experience much better. So, let’s tell you about some lesser know Gboard tricks and features that you might not know.

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Google Gboard Tricks And Features For Android

1). A complete built-in Search engine

The most useful and noticeable functionality of Google Gboard is its complete integration with Google search engine. You can search anything right inside your keyboard.

Simply tap the Google button on your keyboard, as shown below, and start searching.

Google Gboard

Now, there is no need to leave the chat window and open the web browser to perform a Google search to share the result with your friends and family. Using the share button shown at the bottom, easily share the result. It also supports all kinds of Google tricks, cards, instant answers. You can use it as a calculator, weather app, image search, etc.

Google Gboard

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2). Translate in real-time

Initially, Gboard didn’t have the inbuilt translation functionality when Google released Gboard for Android. But, now Gboard have this functionality and you can translate to another language in real time.

To use this feature, you need to simply tap the Google icon while typing and then look for the Translate icon, which looks like a folder paper.

Google Gboard

Just click on translate icon, now you’ll see a new window for entering the text and you’ll be able to choose the output language. You can use this feature to paste some message and translate into your own language.

Google Gboard

3). Search GIF and Emoji

Nowadays, Without Gifs and Emoji, our chats don’t complete and Google Knows very well that’s why Google has integrated this most amazing feature in Gboard. Simply type the keyword followed by Gif or emoji to get the suggestions. Now, select the relevant emoji or gif by tapping on it.

Google Gboard

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4). One-handed mode

Just in case you’re busy eating and texting at the same time–and you’re having trouble doing so, this Gboard trick is for you. You simply need to press the Gboard button and look for the icon that looks like a thumb on a screen (fourth in my case).

Google Gboard

On pressing it, your Gboard keyboard will shrink towards one side of the screen and it’ll become smaller. If you wish to type with the other hand, you need to tap the arrow on the side of the keyboard. By tapping the expand button, the one-handed mode will be turned off.
Google Gboard

5). Swipe the space key to move cursor

Sometimes taking the cursor to a particular point for editing or deleting a text can be frustrating. Now, you can simply swipe your thumb across the Gboard space bar and the cursor will move in the same direction.

Google Gboard

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6). Swipe to delete

If you’ve written some text that needs to be deleted, you don’t need to tap the Delete button in a frenzy. Thanks to this useful Gboard trick, this can be done easily. You just need to start from the Delete key and swipe to the left. This will select and delete the text when you’ll release the fingertip.Google Gboard


7). Add a dedicated row for numbers

In Gboard, you can add a dedicated, extra row for numbers. To do so, you need to tap the Gboard button, followed by Settings icon. Now tap on Preferences and then look for the Number row toggle. Tap on it to Enable number row in the keyboard.

Google Gboard

8). Turn On the complete Numeric keypad

For typing two or three digits using the dedicated numeric keypad. But, for typing long numeric digits, the dedicated numeric keypad is not a good option. So in Gboard you can enable complete numeric keypad, just tap the numbers/symbols button located in bottom-left.

Google Gboard

Now tap on the 1234 button on the left side of the spacebar. That’s it, now enjoy typing using the numeric keypad.

Google Gboard

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9). Activate long press shortcuts for every key

Google Gboard

Just the way you’re able to get the numbers by long pressing the letters of the top row, you can get the same shortcuts for symbols. To activate shortcuts for every key, you need to go to Preferences and look for the Long press for symbols option.

Google Gboard

10). Some handy typing tips

  • Double-tap the space bar for the period symbol.
  • Touch the up-arrow button and without lifting your finger, slide to the alphabet hat you wish to type in caps.

Google Gboard

  • Touch symbols button in the keyboard and without lifting your finger, slide to a symbol to see more suggestions.

Google Gboard

  • Long press a number button to see the fraction values.

Google Gboard

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