In the times where there is a mobile application for almost everything a consumer would want, it becomes difficult to find applications that are best to provide support to users. Even in the case of alcoholism apps, there are many mobile applications that are built to help users.

Even though the software applications, Android and iOS have many options, here are the best five apps to help you quit drinking:

  • Twenty Four Hours A Day

Android- $5.99
iOS- $5.99

With the motive of giving inspiration anywhere at any time, Twenty Four Hours A Day features all 366 meditations from the classic best selling meditation book for people in recovery. The app is easy to use and becomes a companion to focus on your sobriety wherever you are. In fact, it also helps you to easily access the Twelve Steps. The new version has an added feature wherein you can share daily messages over text.

Great app. Easy to use. I can read the 24 Hour reflection anywhere and anytime..”

  • Nomo-Sobriety Clocks

Android- Free
iOS- Free

The app was initially designed by Parker Stech to recover himself out of addiction. According to the app description in App Store, the application is the #1sobriety clock in the App Store.
The application has many features including adding as many sobriety clocks you want, money calculator and securing your Nomo account with security pin. Moreover, you can earn chips as you achieve milestones and involve yourself in mini-distraction exercises to help you stay focused.

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In fact, Nomo helps to recover from other forms of addiction too such as sexual or pornography addiction, self-harm, co-dependency, smoking, tobacco, drug or chemical dependency, anger, depression, or any other kind of hurt

“I tried all the others but this one is by far the best. It is so simple and easy to use.The best one I could get for free on my iPhone.”

  • Sober Grid

Android- Free
iOS- Free

Making connections and finding support groups can be really beneficial during recovery. Sober Grid aims to fulfill that by having a social network for sobriety. Apart from having a sobriety calculator that tracks the days you stayed sober, the app helps to find connections near you or anywhere in the world to share experiences and information. You can stay anonymous if you do not want to reveal your identity.

“I sincerely don’t believe I would have come this far in my sobriety without the people I have connected with on SG. This app has been so important to me.”

  • Field Guide to Life

Android- $7.99
iOS- $7.99

Even though the basis of designing the app was to help people who are new to addiction, this application can be used at any stage by anyone. The application focuses on daily inspiring messages and activities. Also, the application also has a sobriety calculator that can be seen whenever you open the app. Along with featuring videos of recovery experts, you can store up to pictures of five people that help you stay sober.

“I think this app is a great tool for support when you can’t talk to a friend or go to a meeting. I enjoy the everyday lessons.”

  • 12 Steps AA Companion

Android- $1.99
iOS- $2.99

As the name suggests the application is based on the Twelve Steps program from Alcoholics Anonymous. The application consists of the main 164 pages and 60+ stories. Moreover, there are special prayers for a specific time of the day. For keeping it anonymous, the app icon does not show any reference to AA. Moreover, it also has a sobriety calculator.

“Great tool! Thank you so much for this app. Such a blessing for the ability to keep Recovery close.”

“Great help! The phone is easier to hold and read than a book and you can make notes! “

These top 5 applications have been shortlisted on the basis of extensive research and customer feedback on their page. However, recovery phase is a personal experience and might not be same for all. Hence, choose the application that is right for your situation and get the help you need.

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