Button Mapper: Remap your keys is an App that allows you to assign custom actions to the hardware buttons on your Android device. As we know Android OS is designed in such a way that we can customize lots of things easily. This tool was developed by XDA Recognized Developer flar2 and it enables the user to remap hardware buttons to activate different functions without root.

The App: Button Mapper


You just need to decide what actions to take with the physical and capacitive buttons when pressed once, twice or operated with extended pressure. Hardware buttons are increasingly becoming harder and harder to find on Android devices, with most devices these days retaining only the necessary power and volume buttons.

For example, if you want to program the button to increase the volume so that it can turn on and off the flashlight, or perform a specific application with a double-tap on the home button, call a particular contact by touching the “back” button or set the brightness screen with the volume keys.

So what can you remap your buttons to do? Here is the (long) list of supported actions:Button mapper

  • Applications
    • Launch any installed application on your phone
  • Shortcuts
    • Launch any available shortcut on your phone
  • Actions
      • Navigation
        • Home
        • Back
        • Recent Apps
        • Last app
      • Assistance
        • Search
        • Launch ‘Assistant’ App (equivalent of long-pressing home)

    Button mapper

    • UI
      • Bring down quick settings
      • Expand/dismiss the notification shade
    • Display
      • Toggle Flashlight
      • Bring up the power dialog
      • Turn screen off
      • Take a Screen Shot
      • Brightness +/-
    • Audio
      • Toggle Do Not Disturb mode
      • Volume +/-
      • Next/Previous Track
      • Play/Pause

The free version of Button mapper app offers the ability to program the home button and volume keys while purchasing the Pro version you can also check the buttons “back”, “recent apps” and “camera” and unlock additional features.

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