How to Convert a GIF to Video for Instagram

Oops, you want to post a GIF on Instagram? Don’t worry. Now, there are simple ways to post GIF on Instagram, but you cannot post GIF directly. As we all know right now Instagram does not support animated GIF files. Then how? By converting your animated GIFs into a Video. Now, you can convert a GIF (.gif) to a video format. There are many ways to convert GIF to a video format. By using applications or tools you can easily convert GIFs into a video or by using online websites which provide free GIF conversion to MP4 or other video formats.

Apps to Convert GIFs to Video format:

GifShare – Easy tool to turn GIF to a video:

By using the Gifshare app on iOS devices you can easily convert GIFs to a video. You can search GIFs on Gifshare or choose your own GIFs to convert with crop and effects. Simply click share to upload GIF as video to Instagram.

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Gifaroo – Simple GIF to video converter:

Gifaroo is an Android app which you can download from Google Play store. You can search GIFs by using Google search within the app. You can change the background by using customize filters and can also add a caption in different fonts and colors. After editing the GIF simply share it as video version whenever you want to share.

Online Websites to Convert GIF to a Video for Instagram:

By using online conversion service or website you can directly convert your GIF file to a video format so there is no need to download and install any app or tool. This website provides free service if your file size is smaller than 100 MB.

  1. Go to

2. Upload your GIF file by clicking on ‘choose file’ button and select your file from your device to upload. Here you can convert your file to formats other than MP4 as well. We will convert to MP4 file because most of the apps support this format of a video.

You can also upload GIF by entering a link or upload it from Google Drive or Dropbox.

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3. Now click on “Convert File” at the bottom of the form.

4. After conversion, you will be redirected to the download page and then the download of your video will start automatically.

Now, you are able to upload your favourite GIFs to Instagram by converting them as Video. These are few methods by which you can now convert a GIF to Video.

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