One of the major worries of users while using Social networking sites like Facebook is their profile picture security. Though we have many security settings to secure our Facebook account from hackers, cyber criminals or scammers. But there is one security setting which was not there on Facebook to secure profile picture or display picture from misuse. As we know anyone can easily see our profile picture in large or full size and even can download it easily.

To overcome this problem issue Facebook just introduced a Security setting – Profile Picture Guard. Awesome isn’t it? By enabling this setting stranger cannot download or take a screenshot of our profile picture. It will protect Facebook users from the theft of image or identity theft. This security setting is very useful especially for female users because generally, we saw girls become more victim of identity theft or fake Facebook profile. Now it’s harder to steal profile picture of any Facebook user.


Along with Profile Picture Guard setting Facebook also introduced an ‘Add design to your Profile Picture‘ functionality. By using this functionality Facebook users can overlay of some design with profile photos, among different patterns. According to the Facebook investigation, there is a 75% less probability of copying of Profile picture if there is an additional design layer in a profile image of users.


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Steps to activate Facebook profile picture security guard

Follow the steps below to activate your profile picture security guard.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and click on your profile

Step 2: Click on your Facebook profile picture

Step 3: Click on Options

Step 4: Click on “Turn on Profile Picture Guard”

Step 5: Now click on the Save option to enable the Facebook profile picture security guard.

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That’s it you are done. Now you can the Guard button on your photo in your Facebook profile.


Now How to Add Design overlay on Profile Picture:

You will get newsfeed notification if you have not added design overlay on your profile picture yet. Follow below steps —

Step 1: Click on ‘Add Design’ on the notification

Step 2: Now select any design you prefer and click on Save

Now your profile picture is fully secured from any kind of misuse by the cyber criminals.

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