20 Apps You Should Uninstall Immediately, Otherwise Your Phone can be Hacked Any time.


After the WannaCry Ransomware Virus Attack, Google is also showing caution about its product. The company recently removed more than 20 apps from the Play Store. In addition, he has advised all Android users to immediately remove this app. According to Google, these apps could have a virus attack on the smartphone. Also, there were many loopholes in these apps, with the help of which hackers could access your smartphone.

  • Google reported that fraud Ads were coming to these apps. Which could cause a virus attack on the Phone.
  • With these apps was prone to come virus on the Google Play Store.
  • All apps that have been removed from the Google Play Store are all created by the Korean Company Enistudio Corp.
  • The security firm CheckPoint had found malware in the app named ‘Judy’ and reported Google.
  • All apps deleted from the Play Store were quite popular Many of these were downloaded up to 5 million.


Judy Malware found in Google Play Store and infected 36.5 Million Users

Google has advised all Android users to immediately remove this application. The Apk files of these apps still exist online that Google has removed. If you have these apps on the phone then there may be a virus attack on the phone. Also, your secret details may leak. So You should also delete these apps immediately from your Android Smartphone. These apps are also available on Apple App store but there is no report that Apple Appstore versions of these apps also infected from Virus(adware).

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