Judy Malware found in Google Play Store and infected 36.5 Million Users

Recently, Wanacry ransomware, which has hit millions of computers worldwide, people has not yet emerged from this malware, the new malware has attacked the Android smartphone on the one hand. Now a new malware named Judy Malware on Google PlayStore has been found. This malware is found in more than 41 applications of Playstore.

Through this app, this malware has so far reached more than 36.5 million smartphone users. This claim has been made on the blog of security research firm Checkpoint. According to the Checkpoint blog report, the checkpoint has detected this malware and Google has been alerted to it. After this alert, Google has started removing these apps from its Play store.
According to the report of the checkpoint, the real purpose of making this malware is to make money. This virus earns money by clicking fake ads on affected apps.

How does Judy Malware work?

Judy malware is an auto-clicking Adware, which creates false clicks on advertisements. It is activated after being click on the wrong ad link. This malware opens a few selected URLs, which make up a code. The click on these creates a payment for the creator. This affects the app. According to the report, the more clicks the people get, the more revenue generated for those who make this malware.

Who is behind Judy malware(adware)?

Judy malware was created by the South Korean company Kiniwini. This company is named after ENISTUDIO Corp. on Google PlayStore. The company makes an app for Android and iOS platforms.

How to protect yourself from Judy malware?

First of all, before downloading any apps, try and read all the user reviews and check for any suspicious behavior of the applications.

Secondly, keep your system updated with the latest software and security patch. If no link is for your work, do not click on it. Install Anti-Adware with AntiVirus in Mobile.

Make privacy security much better than browser settings If possible, use VPN services, when connected to a public network and install an antivirus program, which would be helpful.

Hopefully, with Google latest security measure like Google Play Protect, this kind of malware will be detected sooner than later. The protection was recently announced during its annual developer conference and is meant safeguard users from malicious and dangerous apps.

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