Google’s amazing PhotoScan app turns your phone into a digital scanner. Instead of taking a picture of a picture, the app creates an enhanced digital scan with automatic edge detection, perspective correction, and smart rotation. PhotoScan scans photos using your smartphone’s camera in a way that eliminates glare and shadows to improve overall quality, the company says. It will also automatically crop out edges, like the white border of a Polaroid shot. Google says it should work with photos in frames and picture albums, too.

How to Digitize Your Old Photos using PhotoScan App

1. First of all download and install the Google app PhotoScan app on your Android Device from Google Play Store or for the iOS device from Apple AppStore.

2. After you have installed the app on your Android or iOS device you just have to go through the quick overview of how the app actually works up or you could just skip it up. Once the app starts up press the Start Scanning button to get it up running.

3. The app would again ask for the camera access permission on your device, just grant that up. The camera on your device would be used to scan up those precious photos that are getting old and faded and which all you wish to digitize.

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Digitize Old Photos with Your Smartphone

4. Line up the particular photo in the camera interface on your device and then grab that picture by tapping on the shutter button. There would be four dots that would appear on the four corners of your screen or the picture that is clicked, just move the center circle to one of those dots and wait for the app to start up the scanning process. Do this for all the four dots on the picture and remember to do that in some order.

Digitize Old Photos with Your Smartphone

5. Now the app would take out the clean and superb looking picture of your photo without any garbage edges or any flash glare on your photo. The process if really excellent to remove the picture distortions and errors in colors and hence show up with the resulting image of great quality which would be saved to the app’s gallery.

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So by reading above guide, You would be now able to digitize your old photos with your smartphone only. The method above is really simple to be applied and there might be no issues to get onto it. Hope that you might have liked up the method, in case you get into any trouble just tap your appearance below in the comments and we shall be there to help you out.

Pro tip: For the highest quality, use a scanner

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